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Dunedin Linux Users Group

This is the wiki site for the Dunedin Linux Users Group.


  • 13/9/2008: Due to problems with evil spammers hitting the wiki, I've passworded the whole site. In order to edit a page, use the password dunlug.

Next meeting:

Check the Google calendar below for details of the next meeting.Our usual haunt is Filadelfios. Feel free to come along, and invite your friends! Pass it on. Tell any Dunluggers or interested parties who don't check their emails.

Please note that the appearance of future events on the above calendar is indication of intent to hold a meeting on that date, however one of the LUG members will edit the calendar and add 'Confirmed' if the meeting is definitely going ahead on that day. You can get notifications of upcoming DunLUG meetings by adding the DunLUG calendar above to your Google account. There's lots of cool options like email reminders etc. Just click this shiny button:

This wiki has now been operational for a while, and while the content is growing, it could do with more participation. We look forward to your contributions!

The source file for the logo is available, let the list know if you make any improved versions, the current one is pretty boring.

If you are new to wikis, you can learn about this one by looking at this introduction.

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